Push Notification parsing

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Push Notification parsing

Hi Mikko,

In GXDLMSDirector, push notification received from meter.
But those notifications are ciphered. In GXDLMSDirector we can see data in XML format having ciphered data.

So, In GXDLMSDirector parsing is supported or not for ciphered notifications?


Hi Mikko,

Can you please provide an update?

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I'm sorry for the slow reply. Our clients kept us very busy this week.

Our libraries can parse the push messages using the ciphering.
Problem with GXDLMSDirector at the moment is that when push message is received we don't know what meter sent it and for this reason, we don't know correct keys.

As an ad-hoc, you can hard code keys if you want to.
Find eventsTranslator and set

eventsTranslator.Comments = true;
eventsTranslator.AuthenticationKey = "correct key";
eventsTranslator.BlockCipherKey = "correct key"

Now you can see received data in the notification window. I'll add to the worklist that we add default keys dialog for notifications.


Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd