Gurux offers products for automatic meter reading. With our products you can easily read your DLMS compatible water, gas or electricity meters.
Our main business is communicate with DLMS meters.

With our products you can easily made own automatic meter reading system (AMR or AMI) and you can read your electrical meters even real time.
Usually our clients achieve big savings with our products when meter reading is easily and electricity consuming devices are easier to detect.

Power consumption monitoring is now easier than ever!

Industrial Power Consumers

You can answer to the needs of energy efficiency and sustainability.
Create your own measurement solution for energy consumption, or monitor your energy consumption in real time.

Cleantech industry

Create whole product concepts, easily with Gurux products.
You can build totally new solutions for your customers, using our open source components.
Automated metering infrastructure is now possible to build with low cost.
Smart metering, and low-cost data collecting, provide a platform for whole new services and products.
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