Macro Editor Gurux Macro Editor is easy-to-use application that you can use an example for meter testing.
Using Gurux Macro Editor you can record executed operations (Read, Write, Action) and later run the same operations and improve testing quality. You will repeat same operations in same order and much faster
Using Gurux Macro Editor you can save a lot of time when you don't need to manually repeat every test case. You can record the test case and run it without adding correct data.

In the Macro Editor view you can see execution time, operation, object name and value. Values can't be changed from the UI. Only recording is possible.

Values can be presented in visualized and in raw format.
You can verify that data is same for each read by selecting "Verify Reply" from Edit menu. In default value is not compared to recorded value.


failed operation failed.
verify Value is verified on read.
Disable Operation is disabled and it's not executed.
Menu and Toolbar

File menu
  • To create a new macro, select New.
  • To open an existing macro, select Open.
  • To save the recorded macro, select Save.
  • To save the macro to the different name or to a different location, select Save As...
  • To join exists macro to current macro select Import.
  • To close Macro Editor, select Close.

Edit menu
  • To verify reply data, select Verify Reply.
  • To ignore reply data, select Ignore Reply.
  • To disable selected operation(s), select Disable.
  • To enable selected operation(s), select Enable.
  • To remove selected operation(s), select Remove.
  • To select all operations, select Select All.
  • To run operation(s), select Run.
  • To run selected operation(s), select Run selected.
  • To run operation(s) N times, select Run N times.
  • To start record operation(s), select Record.

View menu
  • To view/hide failed operations, select/unselect Failed.
  • To view/hide disabled operations, select/unselect Disabled.
  • To view/hide verified operations, select/unselect Verified.
  • To stop running macros on error, select Break on error.
  • To show data as XML, select Raw.
  • To follow last inserted or run macro, select Follow last.

Shortcut Icons on Macro Editor ToolBar

New Create a new macro.
Open Open an existing macro
Save Save the current macro to the file.
Record Start/stop macro recording.
Run Run macro.
Remove Remove selected operation(s)

Getting started

First select device that you want to test. Then you need to record macro. This is done by starting Macro Editor and selecting "Start Recording" from "Edit" menu. Then you execute operations that you want to test. Executed operations are shown on the Macro Editor. After you have executed tested operations stop recording selecting "Stop Recording" from "Edit" menu. Now you have recorded your first macro and you can start testing selecting "Run" from "Edit" Menu.

You can remove operations that you don't want to test selecting removed macro and pressing "Remove" from "Edit" menu.

You can change places of executed operations by changing place of the macro. Select Macro that you want to change and move it up or down in the macro view.

Adter you have made changes you can save macro and run it when needed.