Issues for gurux.dlms.delphi

Summarysort descending Status Priority Category Component Replies Last updated Assigned to Created
Clock object AdjustToQuarter, AdjustToMeasuringPeriod, AdjustToMinute, AdjustToPresetTime, PresetAdjustingTime and ShiftTime methods are not implemented. Active Normal Feature request Code 3 weeks 3 days Kurumi 3 weeks 3 days
ParsePushObjects method for GXDLMSClient to parse COSEM objects from received push message. Active Normal Feature request Code 2 years 6 months Administrator 2 years 6 months
ProposedConformance uses GeneralProtection only if pre-established system title is set. Active Normal Bug report Code 12 months 2 days Administrator 12 months 2 days
SlaveInstall, SlaveDeInstall, Capture, ResetAlarm, SynchronizeClock and SendData methods added to GXDLMSMBusClient. Active Normal Support request Code 5 months 5 days Administrator 5 months 5 days
Support added for GXDLMSG3Plc6LoWPan, GXDLMSG3PlcMacLayerCounters and GXDLMSG3PlcMacSetup. Active Normal Support request Code 8 months 2 days Administrator 8 months 2 days
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