Issues for gurux.dlms.delphi

Summary Status Priority Category Componentsort descending Replies Last updated Assigned to Created
Support added for GXDLMSG3Plc6LoWPan, GXDLMSG3PlcMacLayerCounters and GXDLMSG3PlcMacSetup. Active Normal Support request Code 8 months 2 days Administrator 8 months 2 days
SlaveInstall, SlaveDeInstall, Capture, ResetAlarm, SynchronizeClock and SendData methods added to GXDLMSMBusClient. Active Normal Support request Code 5 months 5 days Administrator 5 months 5 days
ParsePushObjects method for GXDLMSClient to parse COSEM objects from received push message. Active Normal Feature request Code 2 years 6 months Administrator 2 years 6 months
Clock object AdjustToQuarter, AdjustToMeasuringPeriod, AdjustToMinute, AdjustToPresetTime, PresetAdjustingTime and ShiftTime methods are not implemented. Active Normal Feature request Code 3 weeks 3 days Kurumi 3 weeks 3 days
ProposedConformance uses GeneralProtection only if pre-established system title is set. Active Normal Bug report Code 12 months 2 days Administrator 12 months 2 days
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