Scheduler stop after a few days

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Scheduler stop after a few days

Hi Mikko,
I am using SQLite DB to temporarily store my data collected via Gurux AMI dynamic IP address. The data is then accessed by another application (based on Node JS) and copied to my RDBMs PostgreSQL.
For testing I am collecting about 5 obis codes (registers) every 1 minute. from 2 meters over 4G.

When I start afresh, every thing works as planned. But then data collection stops after a few days.
When I delete the db and allow app to create a new DB, all things work as desired.
Again, after a few days, there is no collection of data.

App and comms are all ok but the screen log shows no task to execute. Why does this happen?
I used two test machines on two separate set of meters. Both exhibited same problem after a few days of running smoothly. Can help to find why?

I can share my SQLite DB with you separately.
Hope this issue can be resolved soon.



"Logging": {
"LogLevel": {
"Default": "Warning"
"Console": {
"IncludeScopes": false
"AllowedHosts": "*",
"Reader": {
"Disabled": "False",
"Id": "603C1F03-6EDE-4F4F-B108-3451383F1B1F",
"Name": "SwitchRoom",
"Threads": 10,
"TaskWaitTime": 60,
"AliveTime": 60,
"TraceLevel": "Verbose"
"Scheduler": {
"Disabled": "False"
"Listener": {
"Disabled": "False",
"Port": 5027,
"NetworkType": 1,
"Interface": 0,
"UseLogicalNameReferencing": "True",
"ClientAddress": 32,
"ServerAddress": 1,
"Authentication": 1,
"Password": "XXXX,
"Security": 0,
"InvocationCounter": "",
"DefaultDeviceTemplate": 0
"Notify": {
"Disabled": "True",
"NetworkType": 1,
"Interface": 0,
"UseLogicalNameReferencing": "True",
"SystemTitle": "",
"BlockCipherKey": "",
"Port": 4059,
"ExpirationTime": 60,
"Parser": "Gurux.DLMS.AMI.NotifyParser.dll;Gurux.DLMS.AMI.NotifyParser.GXNotifyParser"
"Server": {
"Address": "http://*:64881"
"Client": {
"Address": "http://localhost:64881"
"Database": {
"Disabled": "False",
"Type": "SQLite",
"Settings": "Data Source=sr_meter_db.db;Version=3;Pooling=True;Max Pool Size=100"

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Do you make the connection or are the meters established the connection? Do you have any open tasks in the database when this happens? Or are all tasks executed?


Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd


Hi Mikko
When I was testing 2 meters, both tasks were bypassed and never executed. Initial tasks were to read some obis codes every 1 minute (default settings)
Today I used 4 meters. In this case, within couple of hours, 2 meters continued working, two meters were skipped.
Gurux AMI is used as a TCP server and meters have 4G modems with TCP clients, that make connection to GURUX AMI server
Hope this clarifies the matter


Ajay Wazir