Gurux Club is a channel for users of Gurux products to get more individualized service, support and answers to their questions and feature requests concerning Gurux products. Gurux Club also offers exclusive access to files, data and information to its Members.


Gurux Club accepts companies and communities as Members, and welcomes all interested parties to join in. Each Member is expected to provide a name and contact information of a contact person, who is then responsible of the user name and password given to the Member organization. If a member organization requires to have more than one persons in contact with Gurux Club, additional accounts can be applied.

The membership starts, when the applying organization has paid the first annual fee, and Gurux Ltd has accepted the application. The membership fee is determined by the type of the membership and amount of personnel in the applying organization. When joining Gurux Club, the Member is seen to have accepted these terms.


Gurux Club offers two types of memberships; Business Membership and Sponsoring Membership. The Member can use Gurux Club services, as described in section Benefits. Gurux Club Services are continuously developed further, and some services may have separate fees.

Gurux Ltd reserves all rights to alter the terms of the services and memberships.


The membership is valid for a year at a time, and is continued without a separate notification. The member organization can end its membership by informing Gurux Ltd via E-mail, the E-mail address is found in Gurux Web. Possible refunds of paid annual fees are handled case specifically.

Gurux Ltd reserves the right to end the membership of an organization that breaks the terms of the membership, or in any way causes damage to Gurux Ltd, Gurux Club or its Members. Gurux Ltd can also end the membership if the operation, or expertise of Gurux Ltd are substantially changed.

In such cases the membership ends, when Gurux Ltd has sent an E-mail notification of ending the membership, to the address given by Member organization when joining.


Keeping your privacy safe!

All membership information is treated in confidence. The member gets to decide, what information of the organization is published on exclusive Club pages, and / or on Gurux Web public pages.

When joining Gurux Club, the contact person gets a user name and password to log in to Gurux Club pages. The user name is considered personal, and ment to be used by the contact person only. Members are responsible for all usage with their user name and password. The Membership also obliges the members to keep their contact information up to date.



Join the club, and start saving money, time and effort!

All membership information is treated in confidence, you decide what information of your organization you publish.