pre-established application association problem

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pre-established application association problem

After the last 2 upgrade of DLMSDirector i have a problem with pre-established Application Associations.
I have a serie of meters configured with pre-established AA (client 1) and server system title of 8 byte (like 8305678802000403).
After the last upgrades the check for pre-established AA in the Secured connections tab of Device properties result unchecked, but in the entries there is the correct System title i have originally configured and if i connect to the meter the connection work like before
But if i re-check pre-established AA and press ok then i get the error message "Invalid server system title. Server system title must be 8 bytes long.".
Then when reopen the Device properties the check for pre-established AA result unchecked and the system title result like this 38333035363738383032303030343033.
At this point if i try to connect to the meter, after the connection whit the public client for retrive the invocation counter in the log i see a new AARQ this time whit sender client 1 that the meter obviously reject.

Mauro Iacovella.