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Monetary benefits

Gurux Club Members are in the best position to utilize our expertise in device communication protocols.

Your key to

  • faster replies to your questions
  • sooner reaction to feature requests, and
  • more individualized service.

Members also get

  • access to specified closed source codes
  • subversion, and
  • other "Members Only" sources.


Gurux Club Benefits

  • Exclusive Club Forum for your questions, technical support and feature requests.
  • More individualized service, such as
    support in case specific problems.
  • Direct access to our version control system (SVN), and over-night versions, so you no longer have to wait for publication.
  • As a Club Member you get to influence, what benefits we offer. Make a suggestion!

Join the club, and start saving money, time and effort!

All membership information is treated in confidence, you decide what information of your organization you publish.