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Is the product tested
Hi, We installed the released version of DLMS director. Tried to use LandisMeter type in LN mode using TCP/IP. It does not connect since there is no way we can add server id and client id. It does not seem to load the same from obx files? Ajay
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Hi Thank you for your comment. We have talk lot of changing client and server IDs. At this moment, you can use GXDLMSDirector only with Landis+Gyr and Iskraemeco meters. We are updating new version that can work with other manufacurers devices in next week. I believe that problem in your case is that you have changed values to .obx file. When connection to the device is made, GXDLMSDirector try to identify device using IEC 62056-21 command "/?!". Application returns something else that LGZ. Now "Unknown Manufacturer" exception is thrown, because GXDLMSDirector do not know your device type. Best Regards, Mikko

Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd