HDLC Payload length 128 to 2030

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HDLC Payload length 128 to 2030

HDLC Maxpayload lenth not working when we give other than 128(like 256/512...) in gurux client. client not able to download objects from meter. it throws error GET objects failed.
in blue book it says like
"The maximum value of the attributes max_info_field_length_transmit and max_info_field_length_receive has been increased from 128 to 2030 for efficiency reasons."

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I believe that this fails because your frame buffer size is too small. If you increase the frame size you must increase the HDLC buffer size. I just did try with the default example. The client did try to connect using a frame size of 1024 and the server returned that the max frame size is 128. The client can always propose max values, but the meter decides what values are used.

Change HDLC_BUFFER_SIZE and this is updated automatically.


Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd