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Clock object

Hi, Mikko!
How can I set TimeZone and Status into attribute 'time' of Clock (class_id: 8), not in separated attributes it?
For filling last 3 bytes of datetime struct, ex.: 07 E4 09 09 FF 16 0F 00 FF <80 00 00>.
And what better use Clock_obj.time.value.datetime.tzinfo or Clock_obj.time.timezone?

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You can set the last byte setting status flag to the GXDateTime object.
status = ClockStatus.DAYLIGHT_SAVE_ACTIVE

Skip the deviation:
skip = DateTimeSkips.DEVITATION

Use Clock_obj.time.value.datetime.tzinfo. timeZone is not needed anymore. It's removed for the next release.


Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd


my Thank's.
in _GXCommon.SetDateTime you must use: d = int(dt.value.utcoffset().total_seconds() / 60) instead:
str:1486 d = int(dt.value.utcoffset().seconds / 60) for negative value of time_zone