Question is not an Issed

If you have question do not create issue from that. We are answering questions on Forum.

If your meter is not answering, it's not an issue, it's a question. There are several meter settings that might cause it.

How to create a good issue

This page details the process for creating a well-crafted issue report. This will help you get progress faster, because it makes it easier for others to help you!

Before you open an issue

Try first to search the issue queue first. Make also sure that you have select right programming version.


Your title should be descriptive and concise. Explain error shortly.


In most cases Project will be automatically populated. Make sure this is correct. Do not try to add ANSI C issues to Delphi, etc.


When reporting a bug, be sure to specify the version where you found the bug. To best help the developers, upgrade to the latest official release and verify the bug still exists.


Select is issue on code, documentation or user interface.


A category determines the broad grouping under which your issue falls. Defining the category for an issue.


Priority is used to define the relative importance of your issue to the project and other issues in the queue. It does not define the importance of the issue to you personally.
  • Critical is used to designate broken functionality that makes the project unusable (e.g. data loss, data corruption). "Critical" should be reserved for the most problematic and important issues. Abuse of the Critical field will likely get your issue ignored by a developer.
  • Major is used for issues which have significant repercussions, but do not render the whole system unusable.
  • Normal is the default priority applied.
  • Minor is when there is no urgency to solve the issue.


Each issue has a status assigned so that we can tell at a glance what progress has been made with each issue. Do not change this!


The Description field is wide open which leaves you a lot of space to say a lot or a little.


If you are issue with your meter, it is allways good if you can attach log file. In GXDLMSDirector you can get log file selecting "View Log" under "Tools" menu.