Gurux Device Framework - Gurux Ltd, Contributor Agreement

What is a contributor agreement?
A short summary of the Gurux Device Framework contributor agreement.
In short, the agreement consists of these 5 clauses:

  1. You transfer all your copyrights of your contributions to Gurux.
  2. We give you a very broad license to your contributions.
  3. You assure that you are able to grant these rights. When working for an employer, you are responsible for getting required permits to make the contribution. For large contributions developed, when working for an employer, we recommend contacting us, to make special agreements.
  4. You assure that contributions are your original work.
  5. We do not guarantee that your contributions are included in the product.

When do I need this agreement?
This agreement is needed only, when you want your contribution to be part of the official Gurux Device Framework package, and distributed through the same channel.
You can always also make and distribute code that depends, or is a modification, of Gurux Device Framework, through other channels.

How do I make this agreement?
In order to make a Gurux Device Framework Contributor Agreement:

  • read the agreement carefully (link below)
  • download the agreement form (link below)
  • complete the requested information in the form
  • print the form
  • sign the agreement
  • send one original, signed copy
    • by regular mail to:
         Gurux Ltd
         Hermiankatu 6-8 H
         FI-33720 Tampere
    • or by e-mailing a scanned copy to:

To view, download or / and print the agreement document, click the link below:
Contributor agreement (.pdf file)