Getting started

DonĀ“t waste your money and time on coding DLMS/COSEM

With Gurux DLMS component you can easily build an Automatic Meter Reading system (AMR) to meet your needs.

Gurux DLMS Component is designed to simplify communication with DLMS/COSEM devices. DLMS (Device Language Message Specification) is a widely used standard (IEC 62056) in electronic meters and devices. For example, many electricity meters run on DLMS.

You can read Here how to make own AMR system or meter/proxy/simulator using Gurux DLMS library.

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Because we are not meter manufacturer you can read multiple meters from different manufacturers using just one component. In this way you are not lock-in to one manufacturer and you can easily change your meter supplier later.

Using Gurux Open Source meter reader GXDLMSDirector you can start reading your meter right a way.