A problem with showing property page

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A problem with showing property page
Hello all! I'm working with your GXsms component. I have build an own property sheet dialog that shows other property pages just fine. But when I try to show a SMS Properties Page I got an error saying "External component has thrown an exeption." Now I don't know what to do with this. I just can't seem to make it work. Can you inform me what to try next?
Since you have been able to show other property pages in your property sheet dialog, this must be a bug in SMS component. Therefor, I have added the issue (number 0000194) to BugTracker, and it is now under investigation. I engourage you, Matthew, and all other users of Gurux products, to report the issues straight at BugTracker, even if you only suspect that it might be a bug. As we see it, it's a lot better to have "not-a-bug" in the issue queue, then not to catch the actual ones, because they are not reported. We'll publish a new version as soon as the issue is sorted. You can easily keep track of this issue (and others) by ordering the BugTracker ChangeLog RSS. Regards, Merja Gurux Web Team