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new obis ui

hi mikko,
I am implementing an UI where i take obis from xml file, parse and set some values and send to meter,in this I need a small clarification
2)In the server code, I see there in init() function in GXDLMS base where we add different objects to meter,
before that there is a setKek(function) what is the purpose of it ?.
3)After adding objects to meter in init(), there are 3 steps before server initialization as follows:
getItems().add(new GXDLMSCompactData());
getItems().add(new GXDLMSDisconnectControl());
// Server must initialize after all objects are added.
So suppose if i need to add new obis, do we need to add them only in the init() after setKek and before server initialize. (or) can we add it from ???