IPv6 setup

IPv6 setup object is used to define of the IPv6 layer settings.


  • 1. Logical Name
    Logical name of the object.
  • 2. DL reference
    Logical Name of Data link layer.
  • 3. Address config mode
  • 4.Unicast IPv6 addresses
    Array of unicast IP addresses.
  • 5.Multicast IPv6 addresses
    Array of multicast IP addresses.
  • 6.Gateway IPv6 addresses
    Array of gateway IP addresses.
  • 7. Primary DNS address
    Primary DNS address
  • 8. Secondary DNS address
    Secondary DNS address
  • 9. Traffic class
    Traffic class.
  • 10. Neighbor discovery setup
    Neighbor discovery setup


  • 1. Add IPv6 address
    Add IPv6 address.
  • 2. Remove IPv6 address
    Remove IPv6 address.