IPv4 setup

IPv4 setup object is used to define of the IPv4 layer settings.


  • 1. Logical Name
    Logical name of the object.
  • 2. DL reference
    Logical Name of Data link layer. This is Logical Name of the MacAddressSetup object.
  • 3. IP address
    Static IP address.
  • 4.Multicast IP address
    Array of multicast IP addresses.
  • 5.IP options
    IP options.
  • 6.Subnet mask
    Subnet mask
  • 7.Gateway IP address
    Gateway IP address
  • 8.Use DHCP flag
    Is DHCP used.
  • 9. Primary DNS address
    Primary DNS address
  • 10. Secondary DNS address
    Secondary DNS address


  • 1. Add mc IP address
    Adds one multicast IP address to the multicast IP address array.