Clock object is used to save current time.


  • 1. Logical Name
    Logical name of the object.
  • 2. Time
    Meter’s local date and time.
  • 3. TimeZone
    Normal time to UTC in minutes.
    Note! This is from normal time to UTC, not UTC time. Read more from Blue Book Date and time formats.
  • 4. Status
    Clock Status.
  • 5. Begin
    When daylight savings begin.
  • 6. End
    When daylight savings end.
  • 7. Deviation
    Deviation in minutes when daylight savings time is used .
  • 8. Enabled
    Is daylight savings time used.
  • 9. ClockBase
    Defines where timing information comes from.


  • 1. Adjust to quarter
    Sets the meter’s time to the nearest (+/-) quarter of an hour value.
  • 2. Adjust to measuring period
    Sets the meter’s time to the nearest (+/-) starting point of a measuring period.
  • 3. Adjust to minute
    Sets the meter’s time to the nearest minute.
  • 4. Adjust to preset time
    Adjust to preset time
  • 5. Preset adjusting time.
    Preset adjusting time.
  • 6. Shift time
    Shifts the time by given minutes.