Getting started

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With Gurux DLMS/COSEM protocol component you can easily build your own AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) system for electricity consumption meters, through either TCP/IP, Terminal or Serial connection.

If you are no expert in DLMS/COSEM, use our UI application, GXDLMSDirector, for the component to get started. Both the component, and its UI are Open Source, and therefore available to anyone interested. There are also examples available in GitHub.

Python users must install library before use:
pip install --upgrade gurux-dlms

If you use Java Maven add this to your POM-file:
Note! Check latest version.

If you are using Java, Import new Project selecting "Existing Maven Project". Import examples separately. If you import only main Project, you can't debug or run examples.

If you are using ANSI C you need to copy src and include folders under the development folder to dlms folder. You can decrease memory usage by defining the features that aren't used. This is done in makefile or gxignore.h file. If you are using makefile add compiler parameters that are not needed like this:

If you want to use gxignore.h file open it and un-comment not needed features.

You should read FAQ first. After that you can do your own AMR reader application or server/proxy simulator using instructions that are below. If you have problems you can ask your questions in Gurux Forum of you can report issue or feature request for .Net, Java, ANSI C++, ANSI C or Delphi.

Gurux.DLMS library is a high-performance component that helps you to read you DLMS/COSEM compatible electricity, gas or water meters. Component is available for csharp, java, ANSI C++ and Delphi. So you can select what programming language you want to use. We have tried to make component so easy to use that you do not need understand protocol at all.

You do not nesessary need to use Gurux.Serial, Gurux.Terminal or Gurux.Net. You can use any connection library you want to. Gurux.DLMS classes only parse the data.

If you have problems you can ask your questions in Gurux Forum.