The following settings are the default settings to get a connection established to a DLMS device with GXDLMSDirector, and to read the values from the device.

Itron (Actaris) SL7000 without authentication

Itron (Actaris) SL7000 using Low authentication

Default Low Authentication level password is: ABCDEFGH

Kamstrup default settings

Default Low Authentication level password is: 12345
Client address when using optical connection is: 0x13 and server address is 0x10
Max payload size in transmit and receive must be 1010

Landis+Gyr default settings

Default Low Authentication level password is: 00000000

Landis+Gyr serial settings

Landis+Gyr ZCX 110 R

Note! You must change "Server Address size" to 4 in Frame tab.

Landis+Gyr E250

Note! You must check "Use Logical Name referencing" checkbox.

Iskraemeco serial settings

MT383 Low client address is 1, not 64. If it's 64, association view can be read, but reading objects will fail.
Default Low Authentication level password is: 12345678
AM550 default baud rate is 115200.

Iskraemeco network settings

EMH metering GmbH settings

SamGas settings

Note! SamGas RSE/2,4 will close optical port after a while to save battery.
You must activate ZVEI port again or check status. Checking status will also
opens port.

Hexing settings

Note! Hexing is not support Association View. All objects are added manually.

Cewe Prometer

Low security: Client address: 0x18, Password: ABCD0002
Low security: Client address: 0x20, Password: ABCD0001
High security: Client address: 0x30, Password: 0x333333333333333333333333EAADD66F
High security: Client address: 0x40, Password: 0x343434343434343434343434EAADD66F
High security: Client address: 0x50, Password: 0x353535353535353535353535EAADD66F

Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd.

Low security: Password: 1A2B3C4D

Larsen & Toubro Ltd

Low security: Client address: 0x11, Password: lnt1