Gurux DLMS Director

Amazing! An Open Source protocol component available now with a clear user interface.


Don´t waste your money and time on trying to communicate with your DLMS device

With Gurux DLMS Director you can easily build an Automatic Meter Reading system (AMR) to meet your needs, even if you are not an expert on DLMS/COSEM protocol.


DLMS has never been this easy

Gurux DLMS Director is designed to simplify communication with DLMS/COSEM devices. DLMS (Device Language Message Specification) is a widely used standard (IEC 62056) in electronic meters and devices. For example, many electricity meters run on DLMS.

Currently Gurux DLMS Director supports connection types

  • TCP/IP
  • Serial port
  • Terminal

If you're facing problems to use Gurux DLMS Director with your DLMS device, kindly check the initial default settings first. If that does not help, please post a message to our forum.


DMLS Director covers several standards

Gurux DLMS Director is based on the following Electricity metering - Data exchange for meter reading, tariff and load control standards

  • IEC 62056-21 Direct local data exchange
  • IEC 62056-42 Physical Layer Services and Procedures for Connection-Oriented Asynchronous Data Exchange
  • IEC 62056-46 Data link layer using HDLC protocol
  • IEC 62056-47 COSEM transport layers for IPv4 networks
  • IEC 62056-53 COSEM application layer
  • IEC 62056-61 OBIS Object identification system
  • IEC 62056-62 Interface objects


GXDLMSDirector help is available here